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LifeStand (France - Switzerland)

LifeStand is the manufacturer of standing wheelchairs for the handicapped marketed under the respective names of LifeStand and Vivre-Debout. LifeStand and Vivre-Debout offer 5 products corresponding to different handicaps:
LS : Manual standing wheelchairs
LSE : Semi-electric standing wheelchair
LSH : Specially designed for hemiplegics
LSC : Fully electric stand-up wheelchair

New :
The LSA HELIUM, this standing wheelchairs is made for active, sporty people.
All these standing wheelchairs are made in the EU and sold all around the world through proximity networks of experts.
These stand-up wheelchairs enable a handicapped person to stand again and help in everyday life. They bring greater autonomy and have real health benefits.
Verticalisation activates blood circulation, improves intestinal transit, digestion, reduces muscle contractures and the risk of sores and osteoporosis.

With LifeStand, the person with an impediment can verticalise on their own, without the help of a third person, with full autonomy.

Standing wheelchairs can be used in cases of paraplegia, hemiplegia, tetraplegia, MS, spina bifida, polio, back trauma, …They have been designed for people weighing from 30 to 120 kg.

LifeStand manufactures also The Transborder, a patented rotation system using gravity for effortless movement from one point to another. Do your transfer yourself!

"LS" : The manual stand-up wheelchair

For years, LifeStand® has been developed with the customer in mind. We use the latest technology and the strongest, lightest materials on the market today. The LifeStand® design provides the user with the most comfort and safety.

One exclusive feature of LifeStand® "LS" is that the natural propelling hand movement provides a very easy and controlled way to stand up in one smooth motion. Effort is further reduced by a hydraulic cylinder system which is precisely
adjusted to the individual’s weight and strength.
The trunk supports are the armrests that swivel in a 360° motion and the tibia supports lock into place with a simple hand motion. The seat back folds down along with its quick release wheels and castors, which makes it fit easily into a car or storage space. It also has two pockets (seat and back) for keys, money and personal items.

LifeStand® "LS" is designed to adapt to your changing needs. If your needs should change or if you want greater independence, we can add a power assisted unit for standing and/or e-motion power wheel system for mobility on the flat, to retro fit without the need to change your original
LifeStand® "LS".

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