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  • Gem heart one +

    Compact and ergonomic, the gem heart one is a high profile device with 12 channels simultaneously recording, three digital filters, automatic diagnosis interpretation and PC import/export software application. It is user-friendly, has triple connectivity and excellent power autonomy as a portable unit with an attractive design. A high quality thermal printer of 114 mm prints up to 6 leads and the automatic diagnosis report. The version one+ includes an exclusive T wave filter and a digital zoom of the leads.

  • Gem heart one / one+ strengths and advantages:

    Portability, with an ergonomic design, compact and light, ready for transportation.

    User friendly interface, easy to use, simple and intuitive, has a high resolution screen that shows up to 3 leads in real time, with a clear keypad and the easiest paper loading system.

    Maximum versatility thanks to the possibility of communicating with a PC and import/export records through 3 different ports: serial RS-232, local area network LAN (10/100 Base T) and USB 2.0.

    Signal processing with 3 enable/disable digital filters (drift, AC and tremor).

    Automatic diagnosis interpretation based on the software HES® developed by Biosigna GmbH. Provides a full report with the main significant points and measurements of the record and a diagnosis interpretation with the highest sensitivity level among other trademarks in the market**

    Multimode operation with up to 5 printing and recording modes: Automatic: prints a 10 second ECG with the basic parameters set up by default. Manual: allows all functionalities to be adjusted to the user criteria as well as the printing and recording duration. Zoom*: amplifies the signal in a factor of 4, making its reading and measurements easier. T wave filter: allows identification of P waves overlapped by T waves and easier diagnosis of ventricular tachycardia, extrasistols, auricular flutters,… Store: allows a record to be stored without printing.

    Compatibility of all the records acquired which are stored under standard formats such as SCP and HL7. High power autonomy thanks to its powerful Lithium ion battery managed by its intelligent circuitry, reduces the consumption, enlarges its life time and contributes to preserve the environment.


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